"Think outside the [B0X]"

Google’s 9 Principles of innovation

  • Innovation, not instant perfection
    Start rough, learn and iterate.
  • Ideas come from everywhere
    Ideas can come from the engineers, managers, users even the financial team.
  • Share everything you can
    Everything is put on the intranet, so employees know what is happening.
  • You’re brilliant, we’re hiring
    Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin approve hires. They favor intelligence over experience.
  • A license to pursue dreams
    Letting employees use 20% of their time on what ever they want.
  • Data is apolitical
    There is no “I like”, it is all about the basing decisions on data.
  • Creativity loves constraints
    Engineers thrive on constraints.
  • It’s users, not money
    If you can successfully engage users, you can monetize them
  • Don’t kill projects, morph them
    Products that doesn’t seem to respond well in the market should be morphed into something the market needs, not cancelled

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