"Think outside the [B0X]"

IT Skills

Programming: Java, Java Web, Java EE, Google Android mobile platform, Good OO practice, Design Patterns, Hibernate/JPA, spring, struts, iText, Apache POI, Ant, Arduino c, Dos batch, etc.
Database: MySQL, MSSQL (T-SQL), Oracle, JPA, myBatis
Web 2.0: HTML/DHTML, CSS, javascript/Ajax/jQuery/mootools/Angular, XML, XSLT
Programming environment: Netbeans Ide, Eclipse Ide, IntelliJ Ide, AutoCad programming interface (LISP), CVS, Subversion
Office: Ms Office, OpenOffice, Adobe CS series, notepad 😉
CAD: AutoCAD (version 11 to 2000i) including Architectural Desktop and AEC, Microstation Triforma Virtual reality: Superscape 3D webmaster

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