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install Ubuntu pdf printer

How to install a pdf printer?
To install:

  1. Install the cups-pdf package (I used version 2.2.0-1)
  2. Go to System -> Administration -> Printing
  3. Doubleclick “New Pinter”
  4. Notice that there is no mention of a CUPS PDF printer
  5. Open a terminal and tpe “sudo nautilus” and then your password
  6. Go to Filesystem -> usr -> lib -> cups -> backend*
  7. Rightclick “cups-pdf” and select Properties**
  8. Go to the Permissions tab and click the “Set user ID” special flag**
  9. Again try to add a new printer
  10. There is now a “PDF Printer” detected, select it
  11. Select the Generic, Postscript Color Printer (Rev 4)
  12. Give it a name, like PDF Printer
  13. Right click on the newly created printer, and select Properties
  14. Click “Print a Test Page”
  15. The file should be in your Home folder, under the PDF folder

* If this file is not available, install cups-pdf:
sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

** Step 7-8 are not necessary, not with my default edgy install.

reference: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=188860

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